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AMI is the leading provider in simple, cost-effective, and scalable digital solutions for remote industrial assets and equipment


our offerings in the fluid management sector

IIoT systems and strategies for equipment manufacturers, distributors, and other integrators


We offer our clients end-to-end digital solutions implemented through easy integration with client hardware - and commissioning over a secure cloud to AMI’s or other analytics platforms.


what we do

We make digitalization simple, cost-effective, and scalable. We streamline enterprise processes and reduce operating costs.

why we do it

We generate new revenue streams and business opportunities through industrial internet automation.

how we do it

We ensure equipment runs efficiently through remote connectivity, predictive analytics, and data monitoring.


The Difference We Make

Our mission is to seamlessly and securely connect millions of devices and equipment with intelligent digital solutions.

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AMI Platform

Wherever you are in your digital journey, AMI Global can help.  AMI has created a platform, software, and cloud neutral solution that allows our clients to capture markets quickly and cost-effectively without disturbing current R&D and development cycles.



AMI consults with our clients in their adaptation to the digital age in designing, building, and planning for connected industry

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AMI offers standard and customized hardware and software products communicating over secure cloud solutions

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AMI builds according to customized specs and rebranded under your company if desired

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AMI solutions are bolt-on or fully embedded into your products

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Preferred Pump, Fresno


Preferred Pump in Fresno has been working with AMI since 2011. With more than 600 units in the field  AMI has demonstrated to us that IIoT solutions can be sold as a standard solution in our conservative pump industry. AMI’s solutions have proven to be robust and provided our customers full monitoring and control of their variable speed drives and pump stations in the field. In the very near future we believe that AMI solutions will be an integral part of our business providing real time information and control capabilities to all our pump and drives customers.


Charles Sarabian, Sales Engineer