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AMI consults with Equipment Manufacturers to ensure successful adaptation to the digital age - designing, building, and planning for a connected industrial world.


We Specialize in

  • Digital Transformation Technologies

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Implementation

  • Project Definitions & Roadmaps

  • Business & Economic Model Design

  • ‘Future Proofing’ your Business


At AMI Global, we are a true strategic partner for digital transformation

We listen to our clients and steward them throughout the IIoT journey.

We partner throughout the process - from design, to implementation, and new generations of solutions. We can also manage your customers directly, or work behind the scenes getting them connected.

User Experience

Standard or customized user interface for easy display of predictive analytics and ultimative device control


AMI Central

  • Enables users to monitor and control equipment over the cloud

  • Integrates into 3rd. party analytics platform / UI (customer dashboard)

  • Customized for each application to keep clients directly connected to their end-users

  • Fully scalable and transparent


AMI Dashboard

Responsive design and scalable elements



Gateway - vapor X

Gateway solutions for data extraction and device control


AMI integrate its extensive IIoT family of gateway products like the Vapor X into desired solutions. The Vapor X represents a versatile, small, cost-effective, and NEMA 4X rated gateway that brings industrial devices and agriculture equipment through the cloud to the end-user.

Vapor X features

Connect to any existing machine or sensor
Log in with no need to provision communication
App driven application is sent over the air to the gateway

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Provide Proven Infrastructure

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Infrastructure - cloud

Secure communication to secure private cloud


In defining policies and procedures around the implementation and management of security control, AMI Global uses a series of documented processes that can provide baseline best practices with designed and deployed security controls on cyberthreats.
Pertinent standards include the NIST 800-53 cybersecurity framework and ISO/IEC 27000 series for information security, and IEC 62443 for control systems. A security program typically includes the following core components across both the IT and OT environments: Identify, Prevent, Detect, Respond, Recover and Predict. Within each phase, there are specific processes and activities that the organization should follow to ensure the successful execution of the entire framework

AMI Cloud

  • Easy installation over a secure platform

  • Cost-effective service plans

  • Platform scalability


AMI Cybersecurity Framework

AMI Cybersecurity Framework can be described as a looping process of the following steps:


1. Identify

Understand threats, their capabilities and risk to systems, assets and data

2. Prevent

Ensure that critical systems are safeguarded and kept continually available  

3. Detect

Identify the occurrence of attack

4. Respond

Take action against the detected incident

5. Recover

Implement plans for resilience and restore affected systems

6. Predict

Plan to anticipate and identify threats from acquired inteligence



Encrypted Security

Communication over proprietary protocol with an encrypted footprint that is only allowed through the AMI Cloud Infrastructure Firewall.

1.  Industrial machine, sensors, any manufacturer

1. Industrial machine, sensors, any manufacturer

2.  Near Cloud, edge machines: customized and branded

2. Near Cloud, edge machines: 
customized and branded

3.  Gateway: App driven, AMI Vapor series from embedded to branded Nema 7 certified

3. Gateway: App driven, AMI Vapor series from embedded to branded Nema 7 certified

4.  Global satellite coverage and cellular infrastructure within 108 countries

4. Global satellite coverage and cellular infrastructure within 108 countries

5.  Support of cellular and satellite infrastructure

5. Support of cellular and satellite infrastructure

6.  AMI Cloud and support of the cloud

6. AMI Cloud and support of the cloud

7.  Big data analytics and data center management

7. Big data analytics and data center management


8. Custom user interface, ERP connectivity, OEM dashboard


9. Access anywhere anytime  with any device




Our Approach

AMI builds according to customized specs and rebrands under your company name if desired


As all our solutions are engineered from the ground up, we offer unparalleled cost-effectiveness. We work with the best contract manufacturers and our Q&A procedures ensure you receive a fully tested solution.


Our software is built from the ground up with the following principles:

As this digital transformation continues to take shape, there are some fundamental security best practices that AMI uses across all industries. The specific network architecture might vary across the different verticals, but the general approach is the same.

  • The vision, strategy, and execution of the business plan includes security, reliability, and safety. These are part of the business planning process at all levels of the organization (regardless of our client size or vertical).
  • Security is “owned” by one person at the executive level who is responsible for both IIoT and operations. Security policy, governance, and end-user education extends across the IT and OT environments as systems are interconnected.
  • Technologies and threats across the IT and OT environments are clearly understood. Technologies that work in the IT environment may not necessarily work in the OT environment. Additionally, threats may be different in the IT and OT environments.
  • A threat intelligence framework has been set up so that the organization can be up to date on the latest information on threats and be prepared to deal with them.
  • Baseline security controls are deployed across all layers of the organization’s environments. (See Figure 1 below for the security reference diagram as guidance on where and how-to AMI deploys security controls across both IT and OT.)
  • Regular risk assessments across all environments are performed to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that the appropriate security controls are in place by a third party.
  • AMI Global is considering NIST 800-53 for IT and NIST 800-82 and ISA/IEC 62443 for ICS and OT.
  • AMI Global uses ICS-specific policies and procedures that are consistent with IT security, physical safety, and business continuity.
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Certificate image



Our offerings

AMI solutions are bolt-on or fully embedded in your products


You have the choice of selecting off-the-shelf standard solutions, or we can customize and integrate the solution that works best for you.

Our Vapor can be modified for any product and our UI can display and control what you want on your own customized dashboard.

Connect any sensor or ask us about our integrated sensor solutions.



Equipment Manufacturers are discovering how easy it is to offer remote access and monitoring services for to existing equipment - and even deliver data to cloud applications.

create more value, insight and control

Manufacturers of pumps, drives and motors are offering more value, insight, and control for their customers and partners. New ways of doing business are helping OEMs be more competitive, decrease cost of ownership for customers while increasing profit and creating sources of recurring predictable revenue.

Cost-effective and scalable solutions

AMI helps OEM industrial equipment manufacturers develop cost-effective, scalable, and secure remote connectivity solutions for monitoring, cloud data analysis, predictive maintenance, and more.

Helping you offer your customers and partners a future of predictable performance.


Ready to start your digital journey? Let’s chat.