AMI Global Propels Innovation of Wireless Sensor Products for IIoT Connectivity Solutions

AMI Global
Las Vegas, Nevada

September 17th, 2018


AMI Global, an international Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company in the industrial sector with focus on rotating equipment, today announced its unique advancements in wireless sensor technology for IIoT solutions for process equipment. AMI’s unique innovation uses sub-giga radio technology that allows for multiple assets to be connected to a single IIoT gateway, which dramatically reduces the cost of end-user investment and facilitates widespread integration of digital connectivity.


Manufacturers and end-users of AMI’s wireless sensor technology will benefit from features such as motor vibration and temperature monitoring – and data collection that can be fed into a variety of analytics platforms for robust Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and predictive maintenance models. Such digital functionality provides for actionable data insights including machine health and edge control that help pump manufacturers and other industrial sectors to quickly optimize their operations and exponentially grow their digital footprint. 


“AMI’s dynamic wireless sensor technology is at the forefront of IIoT innovation and is an extensive, affordable, and highly productive industrial connectivity option for our client manufacturers and their customers,” said Terrence O’Leary, Executive Vice President of AMI Global. “With AMI’s new wireless sensor products, we continue a tradition of innovation for our suite of hardware and connectivity solutions through the family of AMI Vapor™ products.”

Remote, wireless IIoT solutions that can enhance digital scalability are in high-demand as industrial sectors like water management are forced to digitally overhaul their operations. Connectivity providers that can build a world of digital industry by generating maximum financial, operational, and productivity gains for clients will be the strategic partners essential to empowering and growing this data-driven future.


About AMI Global: AMI is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company with a focus on secure software, hardware, and service solutions for OEMs. AMI’s IIoT solutions allow customers to connect remote industrial assets and equipment to the Internet, enabling data collection and analysis as well as remote control of these assets. AMI has developed proprietary technology that allows for a secure, easy, and affordable way to connect remote assets and optimize digital performance.

Noah Sabich