PumpWorks Partners With AMI Global to Launch Intelligent Pump Solution – Predict-Plus®

The growing demand by end-users for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions in industrial pump markets requires digital systems that are affordable, scalable, and secure. It has become general consensus that industrial manufacturers providing predictive analytics, ultimate device control, and cloud-based data storage and anytime/anywhere access will benefit from increased market share.

To advance the digital productivity and efficiency of their customers, Houston-based pump manufacturer, PumpWorks, is now offering a connected pump health solution – Predict-Plus®. Based on innovative technology developed by IIoT leader AMI Global, the digital system enables end-users to achieve 24/7 predictive pump insight and control, vibration analytics, long-term storage and access to trend data and the ability to provide just in time service, support and spare parts.

“AMI’s embedded IIoT technology in the Predict-Plus® solution enables our customers to gain extraordinary insight and command over the health of their pumps,” said Trey Maxwell VP of PumpWorks. “By proactively identifying detrimental system conditions prior to catastrophic machine failure, the Predict-Plus® cloud-based solutions become a powerful tool in attaining the goal of reducing maintenance spending and increasing MTBR (Mean Time Between Repairs) of the pumps.” 

With the accelerated deployment of industrial internet solutions, manufacturers also benefit from advances in real-time monitoring and actionable data – allowing for much closer customer relationships. The ability to quickly connect with the client experience and product applications/conditions are also enabling more data-driven business decisions for manufacturers to improve their services. 

“AMI is proud to partner with PumpWorks in designing, building, and planning for transformative IIoT pump solutions for their clients,” stated Henrik Skov Laursen, CEO of AMI Global. “This new generation of digital pump offerings will allow PumpWorks to communicate directly with their end-users, actively monitor product activities, and build lasting customer relationships.” 

It is clear that next-generation IIoT pump solutions can quickly serve as a springboard to both better operational productivity for end-users and performance feedback for manufacturers. By integrating IIoT strategies now – in a time of mass disruption and technological transformation – manufacturers are building engineered resilience into their products and empowering the adaptability of their clients.

bout PumpWorks: PumpWorks is an API and Industrial pump manufacturer based in Houston, Texas. Part of DXP Enterprises, PumpWorks focuses on meeting the demanding technical, quality and delivery needs of fast-track projects. PumpWorks takes pride in the fact that all of its products are, Made in the USA. 

About AMI Global: AMI is an IIoT technology company with a focus on Software as a Service (SaaS), edge, custom industrial gateways, and secure global communication solutions for equipment manufacturers, distributors and other integrators in the industrial sector. AMI’s IIoT solutions allow clients to connect remote industrial assets and equipment to the AMI or 3rd party PaaS solution, enabling data collection and analysis as well as remote control of these assets.

Noah Sabich