Blacoh Digitizes Company With Industrial IoT Expert AMI Global

Riverside, California, March 12, 2018 ( - Industrial Internet specialist, AMI Global, and Blacoh, a world-leading fluid controls manufacturer, today announced Blacoh's new embedded IIoT technology partnership with AMI. The integration of AMI IIoT technology into new Blacoh products will expedite the development of innovative solutions to address industry problems, and increase customer productivity.  The technology will initially be deployed to expand the capabilities of Blacoh’s patented SurgeWave™ product offering which is a transient condition monitoring system designed to analyze pumping systems and detect dangerous water hammer or rapid surges in pressure. Future developments will include fluid system products featuring cloud-networked sensors and software to more effectively measure, guide and control flow and pressure in process systems.  The digital transformation of their products will also allow Blacoh and their customers to bring actionable insight from field data into business operations – providing a leap in understanding of process dynamics and performance compared to legacy systems.

“The bottom line is that tomorrow’s factories will be shaped by IIoT, or the Industrial Internet of Things, and anyone who is in the industrial space knows that ‘assets’ in factories face harsh environments and challenges. Over time this equipment will fail and need to be serviced or replaced. We are keenly and aggressively looking to shape this space through IIoT and enable manufacturers to utilize their assets more efficiently, protect their aging infrastructure and maximize production while also minimizing and managing downtime. With the launch of this project between Blacoh and AMI, we believe we are opening new doors of productivity and safety in the industrial space – giving birth to an initiative that will have positive effects far beyond the customers and markets we currently serve today. There are exciting times with limitless opportunities ahead and working together, I believe that Blacoh and AMI can truly have a significant impact globally”.   – Greg Duncan, VP of Innovation and Engineering

The rise of predictive IIoT monitoring and control solutions is expected to open up significant revenue streams for fluid equipment manufacturers through new business models that simultaneously add value and diminish service costs for customers. Blacoh believes that manufacturers that choose rapidly deployable IIoT strategies will avoid disruption and outperform competitors over the next decade of widespread digital transformation.

“Blacoh is known for its innovative thinking and drive to provide its network of distributors and customers with proven and effective solutions,” stated David Drake, CIO of AMI Global.  “AMI is proud to embed our highly scalable Industrial Internet solutions in their products to respond to the high-performance, digital expectations of Blacoh’s client base.”

The corporations that will most benefit from our current era of digital transformation are ones not hesitating to adopt the benefits of smart industrial products.  The key is to provide not just connectivity, but customer value.  In turn, these firms will benefit from increased revenue streams, customer retention, and future-proofed business models in a time of competitive market upheaval.


About Blacoh: Blacoh manufactures fluid control products for all facets of municipal and industrial process industries. The company’s products improve pump and instrumentation performance throughout the entire process system while significantly extending the efficiency and the longevity of their components. These IIoT developments further Blacoh’s mission to ensure system safety, solve customer problems, and enhance customer productivity.

About AMI Global: AMI is an IIoT technology company with a focus on Software as a Service (SaaS), edge computing, custom industrial gateways, and secure global communication solutions for equipment manufacturers, distributors and other integrators in the industrial sector. AMI’s IIoT solutions allow clients to connect remote industrial assets and equipment to the AMI or 3rd party PaaS solution, enabling data collection and analysis as well as remote control of these assets.

For more information on Blacoh or AMI Global, please visit and www.amiglobal.comor contact Greg Duncan, at or Terrence O’Leary, at

Noah Sabich