User Experience

Standard or customized user interface for easy display of predictive analytics and ultimative device control


AMI Central

  • Enables users to monitor and control equipment over the cloud

  • Integrates into 3rd. party analytics platform / UI (customer dashboard)

  • Customized for each application to keep clients directly connected to their end-users

  • Fully scalable and transparent


AMI Dashboard

Responsive design and scalable elements



Gateway - vapor X

Gateway solutions for data extraction and device control


AMI integrate its extensive IIoT family of gateway products like the Vapor X into desired solutions. The Vapor X represents a versatile, small, cost-effective, and NEMA 4X rated gateway that brings industrial devices and agriculture equipment through the cloud to the end-user.

Vapor X features

Connect to any existing machine or sensor
Log in with no need to provision communication
App driven application is sent over the air to the gateway

Vapor X. 1.jpg
Vapor X. 2.jpg

Gateway - vapor CUBE


AMI now offers a revolutionary cost effective, connect-anywhere device, designed for standard implementation across pump portfolios and brands. Our user interface provides easy access to pump condition monitoring and remote control.

Vapor Cube features

• Integrated 3 axes vibration and temperature sensor RS485, and 4 analog inputs for pressure, flow etc.

• Cellular connectivity and global SIM, GPS, and bluetooth enabled

• Integrated sub Giga radio (multiple pump monitoring)

• Battery and power supply operation

• 3” x 3” x 2" robust compact enclosure in glass reinforced PP material