Our Approach

AMI builds according to customized specs and rebrands under your company name if desired


As all our solutions are engineered from the ground up, we offer unparalleled cost-effectiveness. We work with the best contract manufacturers and our Q&A procedures ensure you receive a fully tested solution.


Our software is built from the ground up with the following principles:

As this digital transformation continues to take shape, there are some fundamental security best practices that AMI uses across all industries. The specific network architecture might vary across the different verticals, but the general approach is the same.

  • The vision, strategy, and execution of the business plan includes security, reliability, and safety. These are part of the business planning process at all levels of the organization (regardless of our client size or vertical).
  • Security is “owned” by one person at the executive level who is responsible for both IIoT and operations. Security policy, governance, and end-user education extends across the IT and OT environments as systems are interconnected.
  • Technologies and threats across the IT and OT environments are clearly understood. Technologies that work in the IT environment may not necessarily work in the OT environment. Additionally, threats may be different in the IT and OT environments.
  • A threat intelligence framework has been set up so that the organization can be up to date on the latest information on threats and be prepared to deal with them.
  • Baseline security controls are deployed across all layers of the organization’s environments. (See Figure 1 below for the security reference diagram as guidance on where and how-to AMI deploys security controls across both IT and OT.)
  • Regular risk assessments across all environments are performed to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that the appropriate security controls are in place by a third party.
  • AMI Global is considering NIST 800-53 for IT and NIST 800-82 and ISA/IEC 62443 for ICS and OT.
  • AMI Global uses ICS-specific policies and procedures that are consistent with IT security, physical safety, and business continuity.
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